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Vue | Components & Props

We can think of components as blocks of code which we can use in different parts of our websites – again and again. They help us display code in a much neater way and are great if you need to split a massive site into smaller chunks. Components will live within their own folder inside …

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Vue | Directives

In the most simple words, directives are basically built-in commands, of sort, that have some magic logic behind them to make them do special things ? What do Vue directives look like? When you’re looking trough a bunch of HTML lines, directives could be easily identified as they all start with ‘v-something‘. Unless it’s a …

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Vue | Getting Started

A couple of months ago I’ve started learning Vue.js ?‍? over at CodeCademy and then moved over to Udemy once that was done. Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. I was a big fan of AngularJS or Angular2 if you will, but never really got into React, just didn’t click with …