Open Source Team | Invitation

an image showing a yellow plant pot next to a laptop

In October 2020 we had a chance to explore Hacktoberfest Challenge together. We made a nice little page presenting our community. Displaying every participant’s personalised card. We also got to see some new faces as well 🥳

Later in the year, a couple of us discussed being able to work on projects as an open source team. So in a fashion of being transparent – here is more about it.

I wanted to create a platform for us all which allows us to catch up. We can discuss ideas and keep all communication inside neatly packed channels. Open and distribute tickets on a Jira or Trello board. We would also run monthly votes on future projects and so on..

To get started I created a brand new discord channel for us. Anyone can join in by visiting this invitation link. Feel free to share it with friends as the link is set to never expire ✨


Learn. Create. Collaborate. Share. Help.

If you’re up for it and can either do research, create tickets, plan things out, create landing pages, center buttons and colour titles, create design materials, create databases and consume APIs or send quality memes – join in and let’s start with simple things 💛

We will be voting on the first collaboration project soon! Until then, we’ll see you around 👋